Aspire To Hope


– – – -A Short Story- – – – –

Mary  gazed out the kitchen window, toward the foothills, watching the morning sunrise. Her gaze lowered as she looked toward the East to see the neighbor’s cattle beginning to graze on the new Spring grass.  She spent time each morning, watching the world awaken through this very window, sipping a cup of coffee.  She was out of bed, each morning an hour or more before her husband Mark.

She stood this morning thinking of the 15 years she had lived on this 60 acre Wyoming ranch.  Her and Mark had bought this land to escape the hectic, noisy city.  At first she missed the city.  The winters in Wyoming were harsh, the work to improve the house and barn had taken a lot of physical work on the part of both of them.  In 2 years time they had spent all the money they had saved.  They both found employment in a nearby small town,  They down sized their lives to survive.

Four years later Mary had become pregnant with their first child.  After 4 months, Mary had miscarried and it had devastated both of them.  Two years passed and Mary was pregnant again, but she miscarried a second time.  Medical tests had shown that she would not be able to carry a child to full term.

As she stood at the window thinking of the years in Wyoming, memories filled her mind about the two precious babies she had lost.  She had been so depressed from that loss. Her and Mark began to have disagreements over whether to move back to the city or stay at the ranch.  They began to drift apart.  Ten years had disappeared and they were still childless, strangers, coexisting.  Mary thought of leaving Wyoming to escape the memories and the loss.  Mark loved the ranch and he refused to consider leaving.

Her thoughts brought tears to her eyes.  She had stayed, she did love Mark and she did love the ranch, but she felt a devastating emptiness in her heart and soul.  She wanted a child to make her life complete.  They had thought of adoption, but it was hard to fathom how to travel so far to begin adoption proceedings.  They had their jobs to think of first. There was no guarantee adoption would work.

Then her thoughts wandered to what had happened just 3 years ago.  They had lived on the ranch 12 years when God brought a child into their lives. A little 5-year-old boy named Joseph had lost his parents in a tragic car accident.  Joseph was in the care of his elderly grandparents Jimmy and Betty.  There were no other family members to care for Joseph.  His grandparents knew they were too old to care for him.  They had asked Mary and Mark if they would consider adopting Joseph.  Jimmy and Betty lived just 10 miles away and could visit often.  Mark and Mary adopted Joseph immediately and had been Joseph’s parents for 3 years now.  It took Joseph a year before he began to call Mary, mom and Mark, dad.  Joseph was now an energetic, inquisitive, bright 8-year-old.

Mary turned from the window as her thoughts were interrupted by a noise.  Mark entered the kitchen with Joseph on his heels.  Joseph was saying, “Mom, Mom, we want pancakes this morning, Dad said we could make pancakes.”  She greeted her son and her husband, with a smile.  Everything was so right with her world.


16 thoughts on “Aspire To Hope

  1. What a great story!! So many children need families. God makes openings for us to help others, we always need to be watchful for those and your story showcases that so well 🙂

  2. Yes, God does direct us. I had only one child and that is all I could have. Decided that was enough and it was ok. I did not spoil her, but I did totally enjoy her. Now I spoil my precious little granddaughter. Ha (that’s allowed).

  3. this is BEAUTIFUL! thank you for sharing…I have custody of my 7 year old grandson, its been a battle (brother died in fire 2014, moms is a basket case yet over it all) but all worth it! So happy and proud of you for moving forward with love! Congrats!

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