Looking UP


I have been blogging for a little over a year now.  I have visited the sites of many other bloggers and met some wonderful and interesting people.  This post is not about blogs, this post is about “Looking Up” to the Heavens and asking yourself why God put you on this earth.  How can you make this earth a better place for others.  How often are you “Helping Others” overcome challenges in their lives?

I started this blog trying to help others learn how to cope with being a Dementia Caregiver.  I spent 3 1/2 years caring for, and dealing with the problems of, my brother J.R. who had dementia.  I know I was never the perfect caregiver.  Stress and constant conflict with DHS, lawyers, nurses, doctors, hospitals, and finally nursing homes caused me immense sorrow, and totally overwhelmed me.  I had no life of my own, all caregivers know, you have to give up your life for the one you care for and love.  The worse part of my caregiver journey was watching nursing home doctors and staff use drugs to control my brother the last year of his life.  They were using antipsychotic drugs that were intended for mental issues.  Dementia is not mental, it is the brain slowly dying, slowly shrinking.  I never used drugs of any kind to alter my brother’s brain when I cared for him in my home for 2 1/2 years.

My heart fills with compassion for those who have any type of disease or disability that alters their life.  Life on this earth is hard, and it is challenging, even when you are physically healthy.  We all need to reach out to those who are suffering.

Throughout my “Dementia Caregiver Journey” my strength came from God and my family.  Each morning I would stand at the kitchen window alone, looking up to the heavens. Everyday I prayed to God to help all those who need His care and comfort to make it through another day.


10 thoughts on “Looking UP

  1. You are brave. You are kind. You are smart. You deserve a bit of help and peace also! From one caregiver to another – you MUST give yourself care from time to time or you will never be strong enough to continue! Having taken that moment of warmth and compassion to let you know you are not alone, NOW woman to woman (LOL) pull up your big girl panties and lets get on with living! wooo hooo I learned the hard way that I cannot allow myself to get too depressed – so I deal with my worries and stress by laughing, sharing laughter, smiling as much as possible(no matter what)..it helped me – hope it helps you!

  2. Really wanted to let these people that never think of others, do just that. Am not depressed. Just want humanity to get off their rears and help others who need help. Thanks always for your nice comments.

  3. A very moving post. We all need help to cope sometimes, and your trials were extremely difficult. I am glad that God was there to help you, and that you could then help others.

  4. Good post, and think it’s a great thing that you do. You had a tough time caring for your brother. Think we all need that little extra help and push to cope with things at times. Weekend is nearly here, and hope you’ll have plenty of time to relax 🙂

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