I have recently discovered two bloggers who have inspired me with their strength and determination to win their battles with cancer.  Mark and Michael are remarkable people, they are in the middle of their lives, they should have decades of life to live.

Those with cancer do better in every aspect of their lives with encouragement.  The risk of developing cancer in a person’s lifetime is 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men.  Cancer can strike us at anytime in our lives.

I know as a fellow blogger I cannot physically be there for Mark and Michael, I wish that I could.  I can give them moral support.  I am asking fellow bloggers to visit the blog sites of these two men, comment and let them know you care.  (Michael)  (Mark)

It is hard to be ill and overlooked.  I have been there several times in my life and few if any friends ever helped or encouraged me.  I did not have internet during my illnesses.

Many blogger friends have given me encouragement this last year as I dealt with my brother’s dementia.  I thank each of you for your comments and concern.  Please use your blog to reach out to Mark and Michael and encourage them as you did me.  God bless all of you wonderful bloggers.



4 thoughts on “SUPPORT Others

  1. WOW Liz how thoughtful are you, I am breathless just knowing you care as you do… Sending my love to you Liz. I do hope you remember your brother with love everyday. Thank you x

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