A Day of Enjoyment

This post was inspired by my fellow blogger and friend “Wild Red On The Gulf.”  She recently wrote a post about “Simplify Your Life.”  One of her suggestions on how to do that was, “Get Away From It All.”  So, within one hour yesterday, I shut my computer off, collected my camera and my husband chauffeur and away we went for a day of fun.  We ventured around in a 100 mile circle.  Wild Red (Mandy) told me to make my husband stop now and then to photograph something.  Some of my fellow bloggers know my husband stops for no man or woman.  So Mandy, I got him to stop twice, to eat and to photograph a duck, the rest are my fly by shootings.  Commonly named “Drive by shootings,” by my blogger friend Mad Cap.  Hope you enjoy my point and click photos.



The following house was quite unique.  Do not believe you see many houses like this one.


Everyone knows when you travel roads in Arkansas, that curves are in abundance.


Look Mandy, “A STOP,”  Ryan’s Restaurant ( My husband’s favorite) with a huge food bar.


Was intrigued by the privacy fence in front of this house.  Very artistic endeavor.


Wow, a SECOND stop – Gotta give my husband a gold star.  The Duck!


I’ll close with this fly by of the sunset and the pond as we headed toward the house. Thanks Mandy for your great suggestion on getting away.  So Mad Cap hope you enjoyed my drive by shootings.  And Merry Hearts Medicine thanks for your reminders each month to appreciate those Moments of Joy.



18 thoughts on “A Day of Enjoyment

  1. I shivered and giggled with excitement as I started to read 🙂 I can’t tell you how elated I am that my post inspired you to do something so beautiful with your husband!! It made me so happy to hear he stopped even if only twice, he’s a good man 🙂 I teared up looking through your photos, what a beautiful day! I can’t stop smiling so thank you for giving me a great gift today!!

  2. If not for you Mandy I would probably have stayed home. So, thank you and it was a beautiful day. My husband is a good man, so I gave him a hug when I arrived home. Am going on more adventures from this point forward.

  3. That is so sweet😊. This was such an uplifting post and I lived your captures so much. It reminded me so much of drives we took when living in PA. I can’t wait to read about your next adventure and so grateful you took a day to run away😊

  4. Such a nice post!!! I did love your photos! The first one is a great view of the country. The second one is so unique, such a lovely house! I also loved the curves of Arkansas and finally the last one is a poetic sunset! Congratulations my dear! Keep going out in order to relax and have fun!

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