“The Golden Years”


Some have reached the “Golden Years” and some have not.  There seems to be a difference of opinion on when the, “Golden Years” begin.  Some say age 50 to 80, some say 65 to 100 years.  I think I like the second age group best to describe the golden years.  Are these years truly golden or are they more like tarnished brass?  I have decided I do not want to do the golden years.  Ha

Lets just list some ways to enhance, live through, and enjoy these latter years of life.

1.) If you find the older folks you hang out with depress you and are grouchy, keep only the cheerful ones around.

2.) Laugh out loud.  If you gasp for breath, laugh to yourself in your mind.

3.) The only person who is with you for your entire life is yourself.  Like yourself if you can and live like there’s no tomorrow.

4.) Surround yourself with only things that make you happy – pets, music, family, cheesecake, whatever.

5.) If housework gets you down, just sweep the room with a glance and let that be sufficient.

6.) Balance your diet to stay healthy – I think a cookie in each hand should do the trick.

7.) For each senior problem, no worry, there is inevitably a government program to cover the situation.

8.)  There is no need to act your age.  Age is a high price to pay for maturity.

9.) Don’t go over the hill – you will just pick up speed and get to the end that much faster.

10.) About the only source of energy you can depend on in old age is stress.

11.) You now know experience is great – it helps you recognizes a repeat mistake.

12.) Never, never worry about the hereafter – “Now what am I here after?”

13.) Don’t let guilt weight you down. If you want to weigh more, go to the ice cream store.

14.) Do not stand still too long, you will either rust or mold, keep air moving around you.

15.) Don’t ever use the phrase, “In My Time We,” that truly places you in that stage of life called “The Golden Years.”


13 thoughts on ““The Golden Years”

  1. Another great post you did my friend!!! I will be 60 years old in next november. Golden years come so fast!!! I did love all your ideas!!! Lets focus on!!! GREAT!!!!

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