Dare To Soar

“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”  Tolkien


“You were made to soar, to crash to earth, then to rise and soar again.”  Alfred Wainwright

The hawk in the first photo stopped in mid-air above my head – looking straight up I managed to take this photo before he began to soar away.  The Red Tailed hawk below flew through the yard, scaring all the small birds and landed in the top of a cedar tree at the back of our 3 acres.  Without my zoom lens I would not have captured this picture.




4 thoughts on “Dare To Soar

  1. thefujifreak says:

    Quotes from two of my favourite writers; I love Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit – my favourite books – and I love old Alfred’s work with his beautiful illustrations and descriptions of the Lakeland Fells… such joy to see them both mentioned on your blog, Lizzie. Thanks you… remember, The Road goes ever on and on… Tony

  2. Tolkien was always one of my brother’s favorite authors. My brother passed in Nov. 2015 from dementia. As his caregiver it was hard to watch his mind disappear. Had to do that Tolkien quote for him.

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