Arkansas Pond Turtles

It has taken me sometime to capture these turtles.  If you get too close, and scare them, the turtles jump into the water and stay under until you leave.  There are several types of pond turtles in Arkansas.  Red-eared Slider, Painted Turtle, and Mud Turtles.  At last  I have managed to capture some pictures.


This one I call – “Ma and Junior.”


This photo shows quite a battle for space on this small snag sticking out of the water.


Sing Unto The Lord


Psalm 104:33-34 KJV

” I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live:  I will sing praise to my God while I have being.  My meditation of Him shall be sweet:  I will be glad in the Lord.”

It is hard to look at all the beautiful things in nature and not see the handy work of God.  I start each day thanking God for his blessings and for his son Jesus, who died for all of us. At church within the last 2 weeks we have lost 2 good elderly gentlemen.  It makes a person stop and think how short life is, how you can lose your loved ones in an instant. That thought should touch your heart and make you think of God and what life is truly about.  I hope each of you have a blessed day.

Visiting Your Parents


LOVE YOUR PARENTS.  We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.  (your daily love emotions on 16

I remember when my husband and I left Arizona and moved back to Arkansas –  we did not drive the 20 miles to his parents house to visit often enough.  I loved my husband’s parents like they were my own. Jobs, raising kids, and other activities seemed to consume our time.  Both my husband and I regret to this day that we did not spend more time with his parents.  Suddenly, my husband’s parents were old, they became sick, and they left this world.  You think back and you wonder why you did not give 2 older, lonely people more of your time. They often told us when we did go for a visit that we did not stop by enough. What is life about, if not taking the time to spend quality time with your parents before they leave this earth. I am not trying to shame anyone into visiting their parents.  I think we all need to take stock of our lives and allot time for the things that truly matter. My parents are also gone and I know I miss them beyond words, and I miss my husband’s parents equally.  Stop by for 5 minutes, give Mom a kiss and a hug.  You can even hug your old Dad too.



House or Barn

SHUT the front door.  Were you raised in a BARN!

Well, I have heard this phrase most of my life. Seeing several homes built to look like barns makes me believe this statment could be true.  Years ago I had a friend who built his house and barn together.  He would step out onto the balcony from his second story bedroom and look down into the barn and watch the animals.  Quite an interesting house indeed. This friend had a pet racoon that roamed the house and would drink anyone’s drink that was left unattended.  This gentleman was not a farmer, he was a doctor, but he loved nature and animals.  He was a very interesting person to know.

I saw this house as we were traveling down the road the other day – it is made just like a barn, red metal siding and all.



Hail & Tornadoes

It all began about 4:00 p.m., Sunday, March 13 as storms entered Arkansas from the West. For hours Arkansians had their eyes glued to their t.v. screens as our valiant weathermen tried to help us track tornadoes, hail, wind, and damage that crossed our state for over 8 hours.  Luckily few of the funnel clouds reached the ground, but the hail ranged from pea size to grapefruit size.  Homes were destroyed, flooding occurred, car windows were shattered by the hail, trees fell on homes and automobiles.  Semi-trucks were blown off the road due to 80 m.p.h. winds and a lot of us waited to rush to the storm cellars.  Luckily a lot of the damage was in rural, sparsely populated areas and no one lost their life.  Still, your heart has to go out to those that lost their homes.

The following pictures of the sky, are just exactly as I saw them, I could not believe the surreal, ominous look of these clouds.



Even the Kangaroos who live down the road, were wondering why it was so wet and foggy.


The Virus

If anyone has missed me, I have had this computer in the shop for a week.  Had a nasty virus get in and gum up the works, as the old saying goes.  So, just to let you know I am back, here is a beautiful sunset I photographed about 10 days ago.