Spring Has Sprung

Spring has arrived in a big way, every fruit tree and bush is in bloom.  Such an awakening!



16 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Those are all beautiful! Our trees here in Colorado are budding, but nothing is out yet except a few strong flowers (just peaking, not blooming) – which may be a good thing. We are supposed to get snow tonight and drop to the low teens tomorrow night. If we had flowers they would not make it yet! Thank you for sharing your beauties so I have stuff to look forward to!

  2. Saw that snow in Colorado on t.v. this morning. We are going to have a freeze here in Arkansas Sunday morning, so we may not see these pretty flowers after the freeze.

  3. That is beautiful to see, Spring is slowly entering here as well. I have been out travelling for work for a month and spent it in Scandinavia, it was still winter there and I was so happy coming back to Ireland and it was more Spring like. I love this time of the year

  4. great photos as usual. 🙂 so nice to see the riot of colors. I wish I can have garden like that. All our flowers died out because of the drought.

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