House or Barn

SHUT the front door.  Were you raised in a BARN!

Well, I have heard this phrase most of my life. Seeing several homes built to look like barns makes me believe this statment could be true.  Years ago I had a friend who built his house and barn together.  He would step out onto the balcony from his second story bedroom and look down into the barn and watch the animals.  Quite an interesting house indeed. This friend had a pet racoon that roamed the house and would drink anyone’s drink that was left unattended.  This gentleman was not a farmer, he was a doctor, but he loved nature and animals.  He was a very interesting person to know.

I saw this house as we were traveling down the road the other day – it is made just like a barn, red metal siding and all.




3 thoughts on “House or Barn

  1. Hee hee – always heard that and “if you keep doing that with your face its gonna stay that way” – ok, ok so we were major goofs when we were kids – it was our parents fault!! LMAO

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