I was sitting in the lawn swing, when these Doves paid a visit to the plowed ground in our garden spot.  Love, to hear the cooing of the Doves in the morning.  The garden spot was quite dry from lack of rain.  The third picture shows what the garden looked like a few days later after 5 inches of rain.Aviary Photo_131039954234854919

Aviary Photo_131039954475045347



18 thoughts on “Doves

  1. Wow, your garden sure got watered!
    Lovely dove photos. We have very similar laughing doves here, but with a little more of a black mark on the neck 🙂

  2. I had doves growing up that loved to wake me up in the morning. I definitely need not view them with peace and love after many days of this! Now, as someone who rarely gets to sleep in, I am sure I would enjoy them much more. My teenage self, however, never wanted to get up, so they were more than a bit annoying.

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