White Kangaroos?

The neighbor down the road has the brown kangaroos, but he also has white kangaroos.  It has taken me sometime to capture these shy white (albino) kangaroos in my camera lens. They are always at the back edge of the big fenced enclosure.  The quality of these phots could be better, but my zoom lens barely reached these white creatures.  I am enclosing a photo of the brown kangaroos, just to let you compare the difference in the size of their ears.






16 thoughts on “White Kangaroos?

  1. donutsplace says:

    Down the road a little way, we have a albino raccoon. It hangs around. Others have saw it. I have only saw it one time. Very strange!
    Hmm. I wonder why the kanaroos have shorter ears? Do they live in. A darker quieter place?

  2. Have never seen an albino raccoon. We have a lot of raccoons in Arkansas. There are albinos in most species of animals. I have no idea why white kangaroos have shorter ears. They are more shy and hide so I think they must live in a darker quieter place. They are in the same enclosure with the brown kangroos, but they have nothing to do with each other. Quite interesting.

  3. Oh, neat! I’ve never seen an albino kangaroo before (or if I have, I don’t remember it). For years, the zoo here had an albino crow – he was awesome. He said a few words, and was quite the character who loved attention from zoo patrons.

  4. Another blogger mentioned seeing an albino raccoon. Someone saw an albino crow in a zoo. I am sure there are occassionaly albinos in most animal species.

  5. donutsplace says:

    What area or town are you near? I haven’t saw anyone with kangaroos. Is it just something they like to raise?
    I found someone with emus and they sold me several cleaned eggs for me to carve with my dremel tool. Maybe someday….

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