Stinging Insects & Red Tip Blooms

I stood among hundreds of flying, stinging insects by the red tip hedge trying to catch close up pictures as the wind blew madly.  Against all odds I managed to capture a few of the different insects without getting stung.

The Mighty – Yellow Jacket, the meanest of the stinging insects.


The Honey Bee, from my husband’s hive.


One of the smaller Wasps we have here in Arkansas.


Then I found caterpillars on the red tip hedge. They  hatch out every Spring and devour trees and shrubs.  Time to haul out the bug spray for these critters.


13 thoughts on “Stinging Insects & Red Tip Blooms

  1. Nice Pics lizzie – hope you did not get stung!? Your smaller wasp looks like our “mud” wasp – good bug, not a bad bug (actually eats bad bugs like aphids) and doesn’t sting humans. I think you also need to get rid of your “caterpillars” asap – they look more like “web worms” which can do major damage and can easily spread from tree/plant/bush to another. We cut off our infected areas and burn them. Was real bad here when we first bought our farm – no problem with them now – woo hoo!

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Ugh! We call those caterpillars tent worms and do the same as Helberg above, prune and burn. 😎

  3. Ugh, tent caterpillars! (Also, I love to see all the different names people have for them across the country.)

    We saw a very little bee yesterday at my parents’ house. It was a great sign of spring.

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