We Are All Equal


God is no respecter of persons as the apostle Peter said in Acts 10:34.

There are a lot of people, who think they are superior to the rest of the human race.  I suppose it is due to their ignorance, unkind spirit, or their swelled heads.

My niece – the Superior One – chose not to let my brother James and I know of our sister Jean’s journey through dementia into death.  How do I know my sister died? Through constant searching every other month on the internet.  Finally yesterday I discovered Jean’s obituary.  Jean passed away March 22, 2016 and my niece chose not to let her mother’s siblings know..

My brother James is in the early stages of dementia and lives in the same town as my sister.  He wanted to go visit his sister, but our niece denied him the privilege of saying goodbye to Jean.  She would not allow James to have any contact with Jean.

Why was my niece so cruel?  My sister did not raise her to be that way.  When will we learn as human beings that kindness and concern for others is what life is all about. I have tried since my brother J.R.’s death, due to dementia, to strive for a happier outlook on life. My years as J.R.’s caregiver were very hard for me emotionally. Just when you begin to achieve a happier outlook on life someone throws you a curve ball that knocks you for a loop!

We are all in this life together and we need to make this world a better place.  God will bless the kind and compassionate people on this earth. ♥

Baby Bluebirds

We have several families with baby bluebirds that have left the nest.  There are baby bluebirds squaking for Mom and Dad’s attention everywhere.

“The bluebird carries the sky on his back.”  Henry David Thoreau 1852

This baby bird has been sitting on the lawn swing un-patiently, making much noise, waiting for his parents to bring some food.


His brother has been sitting in the tree and getting much more food from Mom. But, where is Dad?


Poor Dad has been trying for over a Day to get their sister out of the birdhouse.


Finally the little guy on the lawn swing has had enough of these absent parents and has landed, a few feet away, and found his own food.


Finally – sister – has decided to make her grand entrance – landing on the top of the lawn swing.  Girls are so contrary! Ha


“All bluebirders must feel like – One of the Chosen Ones – when we are fortunate enough to have nesting bluebirds on our property . . . .”  Lillian Lund 1984

Wild Rabbits


This wild Mother rabbit is out for a safe, short time, to eat her breakfast.  She is cleaning the dew from her feet.

Wild baby rabbits are not abandoned.  Mom only visits her babies 2x a day.  Once at dawn, once at dusk and she stays hidden the rest of the time in an attempt to keep the hawks and other predators away from the nest.

We have several pairs of rabbits that raise their young in our 3 acre yard every year.  Our yard is totally fenced, which keeps dogs from bothering the rabbits.  We can talk to the adult rabbits and get fairly close, because they have seen over the years that we are harmless (to an extent, Ha).

If Every Morning . . .


Thousands of Reasons   by Doe Zantamata

If every morning, You can find a reason to say, “Yes it’s going to be a beautiful day.” And every day, you find a reason to say, “Yes, it is a beautiful day.”  And every night, you find a reason to say, “Yes, it is a beautiful day.”  Then one day, You’ll look back and easily say, “Yes . . . it was a beautiful life.”