Early Morning Clouds

I was up before daylight about a week ago.  As I opened the shades, I saw this unusual and beautiful cloud formation.  I snapped many pictures, but thought this one was the most gorgeous array of clouds I had seen in awhile.IMG_9447

As the sky lightened, I snapped the photo below.


The following photo is the view on the North side of my house.  The white object in the center of the picture, by the cedar tree, is the roof of my house.  Arkansas is such a beautiful place to live.


Watching The Sky

I never get tired of looking up to see what God is going to display in the sky for my enjoyment.  When my vertigo or fibromyalgia hit and cause me to become housebound, I snap photos of the sky, through the windows from inside the house.  Here are some beautiful pictures, God painted for me the last few days, to cheer me up.







Nature Is A Splendid Sight


If this little bird can take time to sit and watch the sky, then why can’t I?


There is not much to photograph in dry Arkansas at the moment.  Even the fall colors of the trees are not as glorious as they should be.  So my little friend the fly-catcher came by and sat for quite some time so I could photograph him.


Some turkeys actually passed through the woods, I tried to captured them before they ran.


Clouds Are Beautiful

I love clouds, cannot resist taking photos of them.  I think God put these beautiful fluffy white things in the sky just for our enjoyment.  At least I feel he did it for me.

Have you ever heard the saying, “There is a black cloud hanging over; my head; my life; my house?”  I was out in the yard and I saw this nice, happy, little white cloud hanging over my house.  I thought, wow, this is going to be a good day. (Is this an April Fool joke?)


Storms were predicated yesterday, there was golf ball size hail falling in several areas of the state.  The large thunder-heads, as they call them here, where beginning to build up. A sure sign that the rain, lighting, thunder, hail, tornadoes, and wind are on their way.  All turned out fine in our area with only wind, rain, and thunder.  This large thunder-head popped up behind the house in the back yard.  It looked as if someone had dropped an atomic bomb as this monster cloud formation rose into the air.  It was absolutely beautiful.


I guess this 50 foot oak tree was going to have a good day too, because this white cloud settled right in the top of its branches


Well, may all of you have a happy day too.  If you wish you can borrow that pretty white cloud that is hanging over my house, but I want it back.  Ha Ha