A Day of Enjoyment

This post was inspired by my fellow blogger and friend “Wild Red On The Gulf.”  She recently wrote a post about “Simplify Your Life.”  One of her suggestions on how to do that was, “Get Away From It All.”  So, within one hour yesterday, I shut my computer off, collected my camera and my husband chauffeur and away we went for a day of fun.  We ventured around in a 100 mile circle.  Wild Red (Mandy) told me to make my husband stop now and then to photograph something.  Some of my fellow bloggers know my husband stops for no man or woman.  So Mandy, I got him to stop twice, to eat and to photograph a duck, the rest are my fly by shootings.  Commonly named “Drive by shootings,” by my blogger friend Mad Cap.  Hope you enjoy my point and click photos.



The following house was quite unique.  Do not believe you see many houses like this one.


Everyone knows when you travel roads in Arkansas, that curves are in abundance.


Look Mandy, “A STOP,”  Ryan’s Restaurant ( My husband’s favorite) with a huge food bar.


Was intrigued by the privacy fence in front of this house.  Very artistic endeavor.


Wow, a SECOND stop – Gotta give my husband a gold star.  The Duck!


I’ll close with this fly by of the sunset and the pond as we headed toward the house. Thanks Mandy for your great suggestion on getting away.  So Mad Cap hope you enjoyed my drive by shootings.  And Merry Hearts Medicine thanks for your reminders each month to appreciate those Moments of Joy.


Hot Springs, Arkansas

Thought I would show all of you some more photos of my relaxing trip to Hot Springs last month.  They have some wonderful buildings with grand architectural features.  The following photo is the magnificent entrance to the Arlington Hotel.



This picture of the Arlington is taken about 2 blocks from the Hotel.


This is the front of the Quapaw Bath House on Bath House Row.  The bath houses are on one side of the street and small shops for buying gifts and souvenirs are on the other side of the street.


I do not know what this building is used for, it is on Main Street.  I thought the carvings and details on this building were beautiful.


This sign is near the visitor center in the middle of the downtown area.  You can pick up some good maps of the surrounding areas and good attractions to visit.


Sometimes when there is too much traffic and the driver cannot stop for that perfect Photo, you have to snap some of the beautiful buildings on the move.  Well, at least you got to see the 3rd of 4th floors.


On the hillside behind and above the bath houses you find these bricked paths that you can venture along for a nice stroll.  These paths meander for miles above Hot Springs. There is water from small hot springs coming out of the hillsides and a view of Bath House Row from above.  There are benches here and there to stop and rest, lots of shade, and depending on the time, many people to meet and greet from countries all over the world. Along the pathways you find tables, with tiled checker boards embedded in concert. Anyone can participate in a friendly game of checkers.  This is a wonderful town to visit and don’t miss taking a Duck Boat ride on Lake Hamilton. (just watch out for the poison ivy vines if you venture off the paths – 1/2  of Arkansas is poison ivy.)


Fun in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Just got back from a few days of enjoyment in Hot Springs, with my daughter.  Hot Springs, Arkansas has a population of about 36,000 people, and is a tourist attraction for people from all over the world.  Of course it is famous for its Bath Houses, where you bask in warm water from the numerous springs in the area.  This post is for my blogger friend Mandy Moran, who is a great poet and a very nice person.


This is the Buckstaff Bath house on the main street in town, there are several bath houses on the street and they call it – “Bath House Row.”  I love the blue awnings on this building.


Hot Springs is nestled in a hilly, wooded area of Arkansas near Lake Ouachita.  It is a tremendously beautiful area of Arkansas.  I would love to live in the area, but it is very prone to tornado activity, more so than the area of Arkansas where I live.


Hot Springs has many old Victorian mansions throughout the town with their big rounded front porches. Many of these mansions are 100-200 years old.  The hand carved woodwork in these homes is some of the finest in the world.


This is the big Arlington Hotel in the center of town.  There are some wonderful architectural features in this hotel that are well worth a venture inside to take pictures.


Another of the older homes in Hot Springs.  Most of these homes have full basements. They often used the basements as storm cellars when a tornado warning was issued for their area of the state.


There are many nice creeks and streams in the hills around Hot Springs. RV camp areas are nestled in the hills, around the city,for those that prefer to commune with nature.


If you journey out into the hills around Hot Springs, you can see some wonderful views. The dogwood trees and wild flowers were in bloom in April, all through the woods. Curved roads, with a canopy of trees engulfing them made traveling the roads into the countryside well worth the adventure.


You can see the sun shining through the trees, the dogwood trees in bloom throughout the woods.  We stopped many times to take pictures, listen to the quiet, and watch the animals as they went about their day.  So peaceful and relaxing, an enjoyable mini-vacation.

Erasing Stress

I sit and think about the stress in my life.  Then I realize how hectic, fast paced, and stressful life is in 2015.  Our grandparents sat, out in the yard, under a shade tree for hours socializing with family and friends.  They were much smarter than present generations.


I took this picture of a stream with its continuous moving procession of water.  I should have sat on a log or rock and watched this stream for a while.  If I had spent 10 minutes in that beautiful environment I know it would have calmed my soul.  We can learn a lesson from nature if we sit quietly, give vigilant attention and observe God’s world.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . picture by – clearwallpapers.com . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . When the frisky, busy squirrel in nature becomes exhausted, he stretches out and basks in the sunshine.  If you sit on the porch, and watch your dog or cat sleeping in the sunshine or shade, it relaxes you.  The animals (other than man) take time to rest several times a day.

Webster’s Dictionary defines stress as: A physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation.

My husband and I were in the midst of a road rage incident several months ago. A very stressful, frightening experience.  This man rammed our truck from behind at a red light. When my husband got out to confront him, he wanted to fight with my husband in the intersection.  My husband got back in our truck to avoid violence.  The man followed us right to the police station, got out and followed my husband inside.  This man had just left court where he was charged with drug possession and use.  He was simply taking his frustration out on others.

images (2)

The solution is to end the violence, anger, and all other spiteful acts that are prevalent in our society.  Everyone needs to find that quiet place to be alone and relax for a few minutes once or twice a day.  If we find that private, relaxing place we can cast off nervous tension and anxiety.  I try to do these things to erase stress.  If I relieve the stress perhaps I can be more tolerant of others, more caring and understanding.  Love and concern for our fellowman is the only way to gain happiness, peace, and joy in life.

America’s Beautiful Rocky Mountains

My favorite part of America is the Rocky Mountains and the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  These areas contain some of the most beautiful, breath-taking, rugged country in America.  I have lived and traveled this area several times in my lifetime.

One of my favorite and what I consider most beautiful areas is the “Columbia River Gorge.”  Traveling from Portland, Oregon going East to The Dalles, Oregon on Highway 84, that skirts the Columbia River.  You will see majestic waterfalls cascading from cliffs all along this stretch of highway.  Thousands of tourists visit this area every year.

columbia river waterfall

Idaho is a wonderful state to visit from Bonners Ferry in the Northern neck to Twin Falls in the South-central area.  The Snake River runs through Twin Falls and the “Shoshone Falls,” are a sight to behold.

images (19)


Washington state is where Mt. Saint Helen’s erupted in 1980.  I have hiked on this mountain before the volcanic eruption.  It was a beautiful symmetrical mountain cone of close to 9,000 feet before the eruption at 8:32 a.m. on May 18, 1980 due to a 5.1 mag. earthquake.  Fifty seven people were killed, 200 homes destroyed, and 185 miles of highways destroyed.  Eleven states were covered in ash from the eruption.  My Aunt lived in Longview, Washington at the time, which was 40 or 50 miles South of Mt. Saint Helens.  My aunt collected and saved a jar of the ash.  She said you could not go outdoors for weeks, you could not breathe because of the falling ash.

Mt. St. Helens