We Are All Identical In Value


downloadI have never been a person who cared what others thought of me.  I have tried to be a good person and help others my entire life.  Each of us travel through life and encounter those who feel they are better than others.  This type of person assumes an air of superiority and importance.  This type of person does not impress me at all!  My mother use to say, “God must love us common people, he made enough of us.”

If you believe in God you know the Bible tells us God does not lie.  So, when God’s word tells me we are all created equal . . . I feel, “We are all identical in value!”  I have encounter people in my life who try to degrade or dismiss others and try to make them feel valueless.  Do not let those type of people evaluate your worth, estimate your own worth. God does not esteem one soul more valuable than another.

Take time to sit alone sometime and weigh your assets.  Are you kind?  Do you love others?  Do you help others?  Do you have compassion?  Do you try to alleviate the pain and suffering of others?  Well, that tells me you are a fantastic, worth while human being.

When superior minded individuals try to destroy your confidence, just consider the source. I feel those high and mighty folks do not realize how unhappy, jealous, inferior they are as human beings.  God did not put us on this earth to degrade and belittle those around us. God put us here to love and help one another.

It does not matter to God what the outward appearance of a man looks like.  God judges the inward appearance of the heart and soul of a man.  I have always believed this is the way we should all regard our fellow-man.

My philosophy in life comes from a verse of a religious song: “As I travel thru life with its trouble and strife I’ve a glorious hope to give cheer on the way.”

There is an old phrase they used back in the 1800’s: “La-di-da.”  This phrase was used to highlight and ridicule snobbish forms of behavior or speech.  It means – stuck-up, hoity-toity, snooty, snobbish.  In her 1859 novel, “Three Times Dead,” Mary Elizabeth Braddon wrote that phrase, “Lardy Dardy” and used it in her book (quote):  “You’re not much good, my friend, says I, with your lardy dardy ways, and your cold blooded words.”  Good description Mary Elizabeth Braddon!

Walking Into The Fog

My mind was engaged in thoughts of my brother J.R. the other day.  I was thinking how disoriented dementia had caused J.R. to become in the past 3 years.  I tried to figure out which word would best describe dementia.  The word that finally popped into my mind was FOG.

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J.R. was a fantastic preacher for 43 years.  He went on missionary journeys into Africa, India, and Mexico just to mention a few.  He preached throughout the U.S. for years. The hardest part of watching J.R. walk into the fog of his dementia journey was watching his knowledge of God’s word disappear.  The loss of his understanding of the scriptures caused extreme sadness in my soul.  Dementia is such a waste of a person’s mind.  When we first brought J.R. to live with us he could participate in Bible class.  As time went by I tried to help J.R. find scriptures we were studying.  J.R. would get distracted and simply turn pages in his Bible.  Soon J.R. could not tell the Bible from the songbook.  Sadness overwhelmed me as I watched dementia destroy the brain of someone I loved.

J.R. loved singing church songs.  He often filled in as the song leader at church.  In a span of 4 months he could not understand how to return to the top of a page to begin verse 2 of a song.  I would take my finger and point to verse 2 for him.  J.R. could not comprehend what I was trying to do.  He would begin to turn pages in the songbook trying to find the 2nd verse.

J.R. was also a very good locksmith for 30 years.  He lost all of his skills as a locksmith. He did manage to disassemble door knobs at the nursing home, without tools(?).  I never knew how he managed that feat.

Dementia destroys sections of the brain over a period of time.  There is no rhyme or reason to let anyone know which section of the brain disappears first.  From years of dealing with my mother, brother, and a friend with dementia I describe it as, “Walking Into The Fog.”  The farther they walk into the fog, the more they become lost to you and themselves.

Try as we might we cannot defeat dementia.  Dementia has become an epidemic through out the entire world.  I often think pesticides, food additives, chemicals, dyes, and many other things we should not ingest are causing dementia.

Dementia causes a totally confusing, frustrating, jumbled, perplexing life for the person who has dementia.

Dementia causes depression, distress, unhappiness, regret, guilt, sadness, stress and grief for the caregiver.

God bless those with dementia and those that care for them.

Don’t Worry Bout Tomorrow




When you worry the storm clouds roll in as they are doing in this picture.  I have worried about tomorrow many times in my life.  Generally when I was worried it meant tomorrow was going to involve some big challenge I had to face. Worry caused me loss of sleep, sometimes tears, because a big obstacle or bad situation was happening in my life. We have all been down the “Worry” road.

Some people make bucket lists, but generally I do not.  I try to take life as it happens. There is a church song I like to sing, “The Bible Tells Me So.”  The words of that song go like this: “Have faith, hope, and charity.  Thats the way to live successfully.  How do I know the Bible tells me so.  Don ‘t worry bout tomorrow, just be real good today. The Lord is right beside you.  He’ll guide you all the way.”

I try not to worry, I try putting myself in God’s hands, but often I fail to do that.  There are a lot of problems, trials, tribulations in this life we try very hard to handle ourselves.  We worry, we fret, we stew, and after months or years we finally say, “Here God, take this burden, I just cannot carry this load alone.”  I went through a year of worry about how to solve the problem of getting long-term-care for my brother.  His business partner stole 90% of what he owned, using his dementia against him.  The 10% that remained in my brother’s name was causing him to be ineligible for Medicaid.  I did a lot of praying and at last I thought, well God is right beside me, He’ll guide me all the way.  God helps us, but he expects us to do our part. So, I hired a lawyer, who helped me fight and win a 5 month battle to acquire Medicaid for my brother.

I am trying not to worry about tomorrow anymore.  The only thing worry does is cause a person to lose sleep, become stressed, and anxious.   Sometimes worry makes us down right cranky.  If I did make a bucket list the first item on the list would be – Spend every day giving God the glory.  You see the Bible says,”With God nothing is impossible.”