Oh No, Don’t Let The Rain Come Down

Each time we get inches of rain in Arkansas, I think of that old song – “Don’t Let The Rain Come Down” – My roofs got a hole in it and I might drown.    Here are some pictures of our rain this week.

Spider webs glisten like diamonds from the recent rains.



The leaves on the blackberry vines were covered with rain drops.


I took this picture out the kitchen window as the rain ran off the roof of the house.


Spring in February?

Cannot believe that Mother Nature thinks it is time for Spring here in Arkansas.  January through March is normally winter in this area.  Here is my cotton tree and some photos of plants, insects, and birds acting like they know more than the rest of us do.



Both of our Maple trees are in full bloom.  I am sure winter will zap them in the future.



This is my burning bush that is just about in full bloom right now.


And the Robins seem to be back and act like they intend to stay around for awhile.



Storm Clouds on the Horizon


This week we have seen some very bad weather in Arkansas.  Tuesday evening we sat at my daughter’s house, watching the weather forecast,  waiting to see if we needed to go into the underground storm cellar.  Luckily the tornado warning was cancelled for our area and all was well.  Last night, Thursday, there were more warnings in the state and the wind blew these storm clouds our way.  Luckily, once again we dodged the bullet, as the old saying goes.  We have lost several people in Arkansas due to tornadoes and floods this Spring, and that is usually the case.  Oklahoma and Texas have had some very devastating storms this Spring and many deaths.  Mother Nature’s fury is unforgiving.

Weeds or Beautiful Plants?

I take pictures of just about everything anymore.  I think that the dandelion, which is considered a weed, is quite pretty.  You can eat any part of the dandelion, roots, leaves, flowers and it is good for you.  Dandelion is supposed to help dizziness and I acquired dandelion pills from the health food store and take them.   There are so many things God put on this earth to help us, yet we think they are nothing but bothersome weeds.


When you place this on your computer, as your background picture, you can see delicate details of this dandelion bloom that you otherwise would miss.  Gorgeous


The seed pod is not good to eat, of course, but it is beautiful.  This one was growing in a large area of clover.  The green clover made the white umbrellas attached to the seeds that much more noticeable.  It is interesting to watch the seeds float through the air on their white parachutes.

The following plant is not a weed, but the buds, and old seed pods are beautiful.  This is the seed pod of the climbing Clematis vine.  These hang on the vine into Spring, when the vine begins to bud.



The dark green buds of this Clematis vine are quite pretty against the lighter green in the background.


These brown balls are the seed pods of the Sweet Gum tree.  These balls fall from the tree during the Winter and Spring when leaves begin to appear.  You do not want to step on these brown seed pods if you are barefoot, because they are very hard and very sharp.


These seed pods and the tree are not a weed, but these pods litter the ground and each tree has an over abundance of seed pods. Some people take these pods, color them, and hang them on the Christmas tree for ornaments, they actually look quite pretty.


You can tell from this one small limb on this tree how many seed pods cover this tree. The Sweet Gum is a very large tree that can grow 60 feet or taller.