Stinging Insects & Red Tip Blooms

I stood among hundreds of flying, stinging insects by the red tip hedge trying to catch close up pictures as the wind blew madly.  Against all odds I managed to capture a few of the different insects without getting stung.

The Mighty – Yellow Jacket, the meanest of the stinging insects.


The Honey Bee, from my husband’s hive.


One of the smaller Wasps we have here in Arkansas.


Then I found caterpillars on the red tip hedge. They  hatch out every Spring and devour trees and shrubs.  Time to haul out the bug spray for these critters.


Early Morning Clouds

I was up before daylight about a week ago.  As I opened the shades, I saw this unusual and beautiful cloud formation.  I snapped many pictures, but thought this one was the most gorgeous array of clouds I had seen in awhile.IMG_9447

As the sky lightened, I snapped the photo below.


The following photo is the view on the North side of my house.  The white object in the center of the picture, by the cedar tree, is the roof of my house.  Arkansas is such a beautiful place to live.


Arkansas Pond Turtles

It has taken me sometime to capture these turtles.  If you get too close, and scare them, the turtles jump into the water and stay under until you leave.  There are several types of pond turtles in Arkansas.  Red-eared Slider, Painted Turtle, and Mud Turtles.  At last  I have managed to capture some pictures.


This one I call – “Ma and Junior.”


This photo shows quite a battle for space on this small snag sticking out of the water.


An Evening Enjoying Nature

I could tell the sunset might produce a pretty picture last night.  So, I grabbed my camera and my husband chauffeured me in a mile circle near our house.  I managed to get a few nice photos which I will share with you.  Trying to capture these geese in the distance as they flew in a circle was challenging.  I am like the kid in the candy store when I place my camera in my hand and go out to enjoy nature.   My fellow blogger Merry Hearts Medicine does a post once a month on “Moments of Joy.”  Well, these were my moments of joy last night.









Photographs Around The Yard


Loved this sunrise I took two days ago from my Arkansas back yard at 7:00 a.m.  Thought the pastel colors, the wispy clouds, the silhouette of the apple tree, and the airplane trails across the sky made the picture that much more intriguing.


It was 4 or 5 days ago that we had a 3 inch rain that caused this puddle to form in the front yard.  I thought the reflections of the cedar and pine tree trunks in the rain water were quite pretty. The little tree in the foreground is a Chinese persimmon tree.


On a much nicer day, with clear skies and no rain, I captured a picture of one of the Air Force cargo planes flying over my 35 foot pine tree in the front yard.  Love that blue sky.

Hope you enjoy the photography of an amateur.