Winter Arrives

cardinal cartoon

Well, overnight we got almost 5 inches of snow.  Was outside trying to clear a spot on the ground for bird seed.  I can see that Red above could not wait! lol  Red was sitting quietly beside Goldie until I snapped the picture.  



Cardinals in the Snow

Well, we threw bird food under the apple tree yesterday.  Had one inch of snow last night that covered the bird food.  The cardinals came in full force this morning.  Landing in the snow and on the apple tree limbs.  Looked as if most of them were just getting a mouth full of snow trying to find the seeds.

Winter Came By For a Visit

Winter is not my favorite time of the year.  I admit that the sleet and snow that fell last night looks beautiful.  Snow is beautiful to me, in adulthood, if I remain in the house and look at it through the window.  When I was a child I could not wait to get outside to sled, throw snowballs, and build snow forts with my two brothers.  The trees in our yard thought it was Spring until Winter came by for a visit.  It makes me think of a poem I wrote a few years ago.  God gave us this beautiful world and snow is part of His beautiful world.


  • Beauty of red cardinals in glistening new fallen snow.
  • A child’s laugh of glee: clapping hands, shouts.
  • God gave each of us a reason for this glorious glow.
  • Looking through eyes – seeing a world of wonderous marvel.
  • Perceiving loveliness in deer darting in shadowy wood.
  • Hypnotized by directions of falling, swirling leaves,
  • Or sprouting buds within Spring’s season understood.
  • Elegance toward perfection, our Lord’s favor abounds.