Spring in February?

Cannot believe that Mother Nature thinks it is time for Spring here in Arkansas.  January through March is normally winter in this area.  Here is my cotton tree and some photos of plants, insects, and birds acting like they know more than the rest of us do.



Both of our Maple trees are in full bloom.  I am sure winter will zap them in the future.



This is my burning bush that is just about in full bloom right now.


And the Robins seem to be back and act like they intend to stay around for awhile.



Red Tip Hedges and Red Bud Trees

Every year in Spring the large Red Tip hedge out in the front yard puts on its beautiful red leaves, which is the new growth for the year.  They make a wonderful hedge, because their leaves stay green all year.  It took ten years for this hedge to fill in and grow 12 feet tall. We use this hedge for privacy between us and the busy highway that runs in front of our property.


This hedge is getting ready to put on its big white bloom heads, made up of  numerous small flowers.  Some of the leaves are very red and some orange in color.  These are the buds that form before they burst into full bloom.


This is the time of the year when the wild Red Bud trees bloom in the woods, many people plant these beautiful trees in their yards too.



The next tree to bloom in the woods and people’s yards will be the Dogwood, which should be beginning to bloom within the week.   Love, this time of the year.

AH – Spring


I was sitting on the porch the other day and I knew it was Spring when I saw this blackbird wooing one of the little females of his species.  She was not paying any attention to his antics and was watching me take pictures.  She would move away from him on the wire and he would follow.  I felt lucky to catch this shot of him spreading his wings out to impress the little female.

I told my husband he had to mow the grass soon, not because the grass is growing.  All the weeds are blooming and letting them go to seed just creates more weeds.  I have to admit some of the weeds have some beautiful blooms and my husband’s hive of bees like to collect pollen from them.


What my husband really wants to do is make this half acre garden dry out enough to take his tractor and till all the weeds under.  He usually wants to start gardening a month before it is time to begin.  Must be the old farmer coming out in him.

So Spring has begun to bloom in our hearts and we are all glad that winter is leaving once again.  Love to watch the birds making their nests and the squirrels running around the tree trunks and enjoying the bright sunshine.  Happy Spring America.

Winter Came By For a Visit

Winter is not my favorite time of the year.  I admit that the sleet and snow that fell last night looks beautiful.  Snow is beautiful to me, in adulthood, if I remain in the house and look at it through the window.  When I was a child I could not wait to get outside to sled, throw snowballs, and build snow forts with my two brothers.  The trees in our yard thought it was Spring until Winter came by for a visit.  It makes me think of a poem I wrote a few years ago.  God gave us this beautiful world and snow is part of His beautiful world.


  • Beauty of red cardinals in glistening new fallen snow.
  • A child’s laugh of glee: clapping hands, shouts.
  • God gave each of us a reason for this glorious glow.
  • Looking through eyes – seeing a world of wonderous marvel.
  • Perceiving loveliness in deer darting in shadowy wood.
  • Hypnotized by directions of falling, swirling leaves,
  • Or sprouting buds within Spring’s season understood.
  • Elegance toward perfection, our Lord’s favor abounds.